Essay on writing in a second language

At last, sixteen months after my PhD viva, part of my critical essay is now published in LOGOS. Hurray!

The Challenges, Advantages, and Consequences of Writing Prose in a Second Language.

According to Homi Bhabha, hybridity in the context of identity where two cultures or languages collide is a third space where new views and stances can emerge. I explored the concept of this third space by writing a novel in English, which is my second language, instead of in my mother tongue, Slovenian. I investigated the effects of language switch on my choice of subject matter, my writing process, and my perception of my work and myself as a writer and as a person. I examined language-related challenges of writing in my second language, the benefits of a new insight a second language offers, and how multilingualism leads to a more fluid identity and a change in perspective.

The publishing world right now is just one long wait so to at least have something published is really a joy. I have a short story forthcoming later this year but I don’t yet have any dates and details, and a bunch of outstanding submissions I’ve been waiting to hear about for ages. So let the waiting continue. 😉

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