The Pirate Tree free activities

I don't know if it was Elf on the Shelf or some other troll that removed the file for The Pirate Tree free activities from my website. So I've uploaded them again and you can access and download them below. 😉 The Pirate Tree - activities & board gameDownload


I got another rejection today. This is the second one for this novel and funnily enough, both agents loved the concept but didn't fall in love with the writing - quite the opposite of the previous novels I queried with. I seem to not be able to put together a great concept and great writing. …

New essays

This seems to be the year for essays. The word 'essay' goes back to the 15th-century verb which was used in the sense of 'test the quality of something'. That verb, in turn, was borrowed from Old French 'essay, essai', from Latin 'exagium' (weighing, testing, ascertaining). Although I tend to express myself easiest through fiction, …

The Pirate Tree free activities

During the lockdown, I was busy creating free activities for readers of The Pirate Tree. You can now download them on my publisher's website (scroll down). You'll find a crossword puzzle, a labyrinth, a fun board game and more. Have fun playing and creating and do let me know how you like them!

Lockdown activities

Now that we're all staying home during this global lockdown, my publisher Lantana publishing wanted to help children pass the time until they can return to schools and kindergartens. They came up with the idea of setting up a Lantana Book Club. As part of this book club, Lantana will share book readings on their …