I'm happy to announce that the collection of works inspired by the consequences of the global pandemic has been released. Aftermath was published by Chapeltown Books and edited by Gill James of the CafeLit magazine, which has published my work before. The collection is available in hardback and kindle editions.

The Pirate Tree free activities

During the lockdown, I was busy creating free activities for readers of The Pirate Tree. You can now download them on my publisher's website (scroll down). You'll find a crossword puzzle, a labyrinth, a fun board game and more. Have fun playing and creating and do let me know how you like them!

Lockdown activities

Now that we're all staying home during this global lockdown, my publisher Lantana publishing wanted to help children pass the time until they can return to schools and kindergartens. They came up with the idea of setting up a Lantana Book Club. As part of this book club, Lantana will share book readings on their …

Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Last night I ended up watching a documentary about space. Space has always fascinated me, not just because of its vastness, but mostly because of the mystery that still surrounds it despite the incredible discoveries made by modern day scientists. With all our knowledge, technology and supercomputers we practically still know only a fraction of …

Postgrad conference

I was in Wales for three days last week and the sky was the clearest blue for the entirety of my stay. I'd say that's a small miracle. I thoroughly enoyed the postgraduate conference at Swansea University with a number of other creative writing students presenting their work. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive and …